A Creator’s Guide To Maximizing Exposure

Considering a YouTube channel like Dude Perfect has over 56 million subscribers and over 13 billion views, this shows how much revenue platforms are making from user generated content. Dude Perfect has expanded on their success by adding platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which helped them gain even more exposure over the years. Now imagine if every subscriber were willing to pay $2 per year to access Dude Perfect content, this would hypothetically enable them to directly earn over $112 million, which is more than four times their current net worth of $25 million.

While content today is mostly geared towards satisfying the needs of platform algorithms, the potential of using creativity to maximize exposure is often overlooked. Most users are likely to consume content from a creator they associate with or feel connected to. When a creator ensures that their content is exposed to a more diverse audience, it can result in higher engagement rates and even generate brand equity.

One way to do this is to leverage more content marketing in order to expand reach. A YouTube video for example can become a source for multiple types of formats. You could potentially cut it into sizable chunks and create a reel from it, post it on Instagram, or create a TikTok video. Alternatively, extract bits of information or a summary video and post them on a Facebook page. It’s important to note that a creator should not only be interested in engaging fans, but also other potential fans and brands that may be interested in the topic of discussion. This is why diversification and careful curation is necessary, as the internet is flooded with quality content on many different sites catered to each demographic.

Defining the primary target audience is the most crucial step when a creator strategizes on maximizing their exposure. Knowing which kind of content does well on different social media platforms will ultimately produce increased engagement rates. Facebook, for example, does well with videos and blog post summaries, while for Twitter is, GIFs, news, and blog posts snippets.

, a viral YouTuber, did not even have to leave the platform to gain more exposure. He realized his audience was on YouTube, but yet he diversified into eight other channels, enabling him to have an even wider reach. He amassed a massive following from fans who understand English and people who speak Hindi and Spanish by creating YouTube channels where his videos are translated from English to these languages.

Here are six helpful tips that we can share for content creators to maximize their reach:

  1. Researching the time and day that an audience is most engaged with certain topics will give a creator more exposure than doing so randomly. For example, Twitch users are okay with watching gamers play for over 8 hours straight, while an 8-hour long video might not get a lot of views on YouTube.
  2. Synergizing content is also very important. Streamers can go live and then create snippets or clips of highlights which they could post to other platforms. Conversely, bloggers may use their content for their podcast scripts. Artists can publish cover snippets and music videos on a variety of social media pages as well.
  3. Partnering with other creators is an effective strategy to introduce yourself to your potential audience. It helps you tell your story, either by reintroducing yourself or by making a good first impression. As they get more exposure, they create more avenues for income generation by gettattracting sponsorships from other brands.
  4. Learning how to maximize exclusivity may guarantee a creator more exposure. Not sharing all information, keeping your life private will create more excitement and intrigue, especially if you make it a point of sharing bits of your private life here and there, building up on suspense, and enticing your audience to consume more content to know you better.
  5. Creating your own identity and being known for a specific niche may lead to your audience recommending you to their friends, colleagues, or family. Is it health and fitness content, renovations, trading tips, cryptocurrency? You need to drill down on one. Being a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to content creation may not be beneficial. If you need to share a variety of content, it is better to create different channels or use a platform that allows a creator to upload content without confusing platform algorithms.
  6. As you strive to get more exposure, you can create or get involved in trending topics that resonate with your brand identity. Viral information that shines brings an aspect of our brand to the forefront is an additional way to get your content in front of many quality eyes fast.

Maximizing content distribution with blockchain

In today’s age, social media sites are no longer the only platforms that a creator can use to distribute their content. Thanks to advanced technology, other smaller platforms running on blockchain, favor creators more than distributors.

NFTs are one way for creators to diversify and provide a new form of value for their community. A TikToker going by the username Dogg Face created an NFT from a viral video of himself skateboarding to work and drinking cranberry juice, with an opening bid of $550,000. NBA superstar, is set to release a collection of five different NFTs showcasing his outstanding basketball career. Platforms like rewards their users with its coin STEEM for posting content like writing articles and up voting content on its platform.

Social Tokens as of late have generated a lot of buzz in the space for their unique functionalities, some of which include tying their value to an individual, a community, or a business. This type of cryptocurrency also provides exposure to the upside of their brand, enabling supporting communities to aid in their growth and be rewarded for their efforts.

is a platform that gives the word community its true meaning through tokenization. Creators can mint their own Community Tokens which are tools used to align preferences with their fans. They can be used to gain access to a private discord server where they can vote on fun decisions and experiences around content or brand. Token holders can enjoy additional perks and benefits such as access to exclusive content, live video calls, or even invites to private events. The best part? With this platform, a creator has no risk of losing their audience as this gives them direct and more intimate access to them as long as they remain supporters of their brand.

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