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The last decade has seen a tremendous amount of progress in terms of innovation. Many of today’s established tech companies took the world by storm and began to disrupt the definition of work, transforming society into an entirely different place to live in. As an effect, the balance of power is gradually shifting away from large organizations and towards individuals.

Examples of this include Substack, a platform where known journalists have left established outlets in favor of self-releasing paid content. Joe Rogan’s podcast was licensed to Spotify causing the company’s stock to skyrocket. Ryan Kaji, a 9-year old YouTube celebrity, earned $30 million in 2020 and even landed his own mainstream TV show. It’s safe to say that because we have the ability to create and distribute media at little to no cost, our perception of value has changed significantly.

Not too long ago, there was a saying that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Now, we can say that talent is ubiquitous and opportunities are everywhere, no matter where you’re from or what you specialize in. In the online world, there will always be an audience for virtually anything you could think of. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be ‘boring’ in an environment where there are tons of consumers looking for very specific content

As a creator, your job is simple. You don’t need to plan to reach a massive audience and gain a large following from the onset, you just need to be very good at catering to a very small number of people. Why, you ask? It’s because the concept of scale has changed drastically over the years. In the industrial age, the idea was to take a product, put it into mass production, store it in a warehouse, and distribute it to stores. Now, it’s as simple as listing your product on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, or even Instagram. People will find their way to you if you know your way around the platform algorithms.

You don’t even need a large inventory to begin with. You just need to build an organic audience, monetize, and scale accordingly from there. Creators come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s even the possibility of selling digital content. The battle for attention is a matter of being creative with your content and captivating your intended end consumers. The primary difference between then and now is that you could sell your products globally and at almost no cost depending on your strategy.

On the internet, content creators are no longer limited to just being media producers or e-commerce merchants. Being a creator is an actual viable business. However, in this business, there’s no middleman, no managers, and no agents. It’s you representing yourself in the most authentic way possible and delivering value to a community of strong supporters that rally around your goals and vision. Virtually any product or service you could think of is available online. The lines between media and commerce are in fact blurring, and it will be the ones who can maximize both that will seize the most opportunities.

In the last decade, we’ve seen companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and Grab go from focusing on one core product to expanding their services to so many different industries that made them the billion-dollar juggernauts that they are today. Their scaling strategy was obviously enabled by their technological prowess.

Credit: UrbanGeekz

Innovation leads to democracy which in turn provides accessibility. Today, it’s no different, except for one distinction. The future of technology is Low Code and No Code. Tools are readily available that are automating the process and making technology so accessible even for novices. With a few easy steps, creating a presentation is as simple as using a platform like Canva or a viral video could come from one of the automated filters from TikTok.

Unlike the Googles and Amazons of yesterday, now, you can build Cultural Capital by just having access to an audience. This is an extremely important facet of the Creator Economy. The idea behind cultural capital is that you are able to influence others and build a small, organic community. Monetization tools are out there that allow you to turn it into actual financial capital. This allows you to unlock value so that you can make more of your ideas happen. As your community grows, you as a creator can unlock more resources, similar to how Grab began with ride-hailing and expanded its services to payments, restaurant partnerships, and so forth.

Cultivating and nurturing cultural capital is one of the main reasons why we started BitFans. The next evolution of the creator economy will allow individuals to customize their communities and even engage with them in transformative ways. At the heart of any community is of course engagement. BitFans is one of those no-code platforms that allows you to tokenize your community and create an ecosystem of rewards, exclusive perks, and services that can’t be accessed anywhere else, with the added benefit of your community’s exposure to the upside of your growth.

By empowering you as a creator to design entirely new experiences and incentives for your most loyal supporters, you are essentially building a digital ecosystem from the ground up. This allows you as a creator to identify touchpoints, create a strong sense of community, and develop your tailored ‘creative feel’ among your most valuable members. Our platform is designed to aid creators in building up their cultural capital which they can leverage to realize their vision of expanding their footprint across multiple different industries. The game has changed, and we’re all for it.

Hope you learned something new today! If you want to learn more about how we at BitFans can support your goals as a creator, join our community of like minded individuals in any of our socials using this link:



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