How To Leverage Community Tokens For Your Business

In a period where connectivity has afforded accessibility of information and communication to the vast majority of the world’s population, people are yearning for a sense of belonging in a sea of shared interests. For businesses, this implies that a strong community is essential to their success. Cultivating a community, on the other hand, involves far more than merely bringing people together in one location or amassing a specific number of users on a website or app. Successful businesses use communities to raise brand awareness, to better understand customers, enhance outcomes, and create brand loyalty.

The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt for good. Social media and communication have become essential to every successful company strategy. It is no longer enough for businesses to rely on expert evidence or research to support their claims. Now they have to interact with customers, giving them a sense of real communication with the service providers they care about. Product-based communities provide businesses with an easy way to answer customer questions, provide customer support quickly, and communicate regularly with customers in a positive, public way. Furthermore, this allows customers to interact with one another, allowing them to assist one another, make discoveries together, or generate community-led insights for companies to take advantage of.

Any entrepreneur would be wise to incorporate communities into their plans. These powerful and attractive product centers are more than just advertising campaigns. They become the backbone of a modern business, providing cutting-edge customer retention solutions.

Examples of Companies Leveraging Communities

Charlie Hustle

Customers love Charlie Hustle because of the feeling that each design produces. Customers are quickly identified as members of the Charlie Hustle community when they wear their tee, thanks to their unique design and Kansas City logo on every outfit. Customers are drawn not only to this practice, but also to the fact that Charlie Hustle’s Communi-Tees collection is committed to making local donations to various charities.

Glow Recipe

The cosmetics business is one of the most powerful community-building enterprises in the world. With beauty aficionados always looking for product suggestions and reviews, having brand champions on your side is critical. Glow Recipe wants to make skin care fun for its consumers by offering all-natural, fruit-inspired skin care products. Customers can find all they need to know about their goods on their website, including tutorial videos, user reviews, and skincare product suggestion quizzes.

They have also developed Glowipedia which clients can use to get the look they want. By providing more than just face masks and cleansers, this type of content builds a strong community around their product. Additionally, they started their series of Boss Babes interviews, which highlighted women entrepreneurs, honoring their network of powerful women. They have demonstrated a genuine commitment to the principles of promotion, empowerment, and self-confidence that are most important to their customers by offering products that go beyond their products.

Lululemon Athletica

The concept of Athleisure has been growing for a few years, and Lululemon is one of the most influential brands in the industry. The Lululemon product community focuses on empowering their customers to live a healthy, active, well-balanced life. One of the most important ways in which they achieve this is by providing members of their community with accessible, empowering events. If you have never tried yoga before, Lululemon offers a free yoga lesson or the opportunity to attend one of their festivals or major events.

At any of these activities, members of the public can exercise, meditate, and immerse themselves in the craziness of daily life. For the most devoted community members, they even opened a well-known store in Chicago, equipped with a variety of workout programs, a juice bar, and their high-end apparel.

Apart from the fact that these events work to keep members involved, Lululemon understands the importance of lawyers in helping their community thrive. Lululemon has an active ambassador program that includes a variety of athletes and health professionals, nutrition, and business to help build a crowd around its events.

How Community Tokens Can Add Value

All breakthrough technology is accompanied by a slew of new businesses that alter the way value is collected and delivered. BitFans offers a way for businesses to gain direct access to their audiences, optimize their touchpoints, and build an organic community around their product.

Simply put, Community Tokens are a digital asset that serve as a representation of the company’s brand, potential for growth, and its budding community of supporters. Its utility ranges from things like exclusive perks, product discounts, loyalty programs, engaging launch campaigns, and many more.

This allows businesses to effectively align their incentives with their most loyal customers who are embedded in their ecosystem. BitFans helps create value on both sides, as token buyers also gain exposure to the upside of the brand’s growth. This gives them a reason not only to purchase the company’s products, but also to promote their community to new members to maximize their own long-term growth as co-owners of the company’s digital economy.

Throughout the lifespan of each Community Token, its function may change. It may be used to provide incentives, and later on even for things like governance in terms of the direction of the brand. Additional utilities may be added to the tokens as its ecosystem develops, reflecting the community’s mutual ideals.

The concept of open-source, community-driven decentralized protocols intended to compete against centralized marketplaces excites us. This could lead to significant value by enabling real cooperation that is available to both entrepreneurs and corporations. Furthermore, we believe that in the long term, customers will respond to this value and opt out of existing systems in favor of a decentralized platform in time.

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