Introducing The Dexter Plays PH DAO!

Dexter Paglinawan is a Filipino content creator with a vision of building a community of like-minded individuals to make their lives easier and better. Dexter hopes to help more people become financially independent by spreading the word about crypto, whether it’s through trading, investing, or partaking in play-to-earn projects.

wears many hats. He is an author, marketing strategist, copywriter, and a PC gaming fanatic. His channel Dexter Plays PH is growing at a rapid pace, currently sitting at over 70k subscribers and counting where gives tips and strategies to earn from various crypto-based P2E games.

Dexter has built a loyal following through his experience and valuable content. He’s built and engaged with an active community which has prompted him to eventually launch his own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Dexter intends to design unique incentives for members of his community by releasing a genesis NFT drop and the $DEXTER token.

Dexter had a chat with Anthony, the Chief Executive Officer of BitFans, where he discussed how he got started in the space, what his current ambitions are, and what he hopes to achieve by forming his own DAO.

The Journey

Dexter began his cryptocurrency journey in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he decided to sink his teeth into it. He previously worked as an in-house copywriter for the Philippines’ #1 Success Coach, where he met and learned from different experts from diverse fields. Equipped with new ideas, he wrote “Saan Napunta ang Pera ni Juan” (Where Did Juan’s Money Go), which became an instant YouTube viral video (at least 40M+ collective views).

Soon after, Dexter took this experience and authored his own book called, where he shares valuable insights on marketing in a very exciting and engaging manner. As a result, he has become well-known in the Philippines and has even published a course on . These events have increased his desire to share knowledge. He claims, “I feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile in my life when I stand in front of another person, or tens of thousands of people to teach… If everything was provided for my family, and we didn’t have to worry about working and making money and all that, one thing I’d love to do (even if I didn’t get paid for it) is to continue teaching about subjects that matter.’’

The Brand

Dexter Plays PH is a brand that values simplifying things. The channel is all about educating its core audience by helping them understand more complex concepts in the crypto space in a way that they can fully comprehend what they’re potentially getting themselves into. ‘’Education is part of my brand, and as a community, I use the GGG method, game, gain and give back”, says Paglinawan.

Dexter has made it a point to give back to society whenever he can as he was raised in humble roots as well, he says he understands how it feels to be without even the most basic necessities.

Using his community on Discord and YouTube, he was able to raise funds and other necessities during the Typhoon Kompasu floods in the Philippines in October 2021. Dexter said that “One of my favorite things about crypto is being able to give back. I never imagined I could ever give back or run charities.’’

There will be an initial genesis NFT drop coming for the DAO which will be packed with different utilities. After the genesis NFT drop is complete, there will be liquidity added to the $DEXTER token and the token will be officially listed.

Dexter intends to use his $DEXTER token to continue to support communities in need and to raise awareness about the potential of blockchain-based platforms.

BitFans DAO and Dexter DAO

help creators transform their web2 brands into web3 by helping them launch their own Creator DAO’s. Alongside the launch of the DAO’s come NFT collections, a DAO community token alongside many utilities attached to the token. The DAO is an online where fans can rally together and work towards a set of common goals and helping the DAO achieve it’s mission..

By partnering with Dexter, his existing Discord server has now become the home of the Dexter Plays PH DAO. Since Dexter wants to build a missionary educational platform where he can teach his devoted followers about crypto, such as what they need to know before investing. ‘I was involved in community teaching when I was in nursing school,’ he said. We were required to conduct community health education, which is exactly what I want to do in the Dexter Plays PH DAO. I’d like to share a simplified explanation of cryptocurrencies with like-minded people.”


Dexter hopes to establish a more personal connection with his existing fans, build a larger, global ecosystem of crypto enthusiasts, and eventually expand his DAO to accommodate more people by using $DEXTER tokens.

All of this will be possible thanks to the BitFans Creator Launchpad. A service and platform that helps creators launch their own Community Tokens for their brands. BitFans looks forward to supporting Dexter and his Dexter Plays PH DAO as the community work together to achieve their mission and do good for the world via their charity initiatives.



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