The BitFans Creator Launchpad

As Web3 continues to take shape, BitFans firmly believes that tokenization is the future of the creator economy, where the balance of power is slowly but surely shifting back to influencers and their communities.

In today’s technology landscape, there is a scarcity of viable tools and platforms available on the market that make it possible for people to form their own digital fan clubs and utilize cryptocurrency not only as a way to exchange goods, but also to build more intimate relationships with fans through experiences designed by the creator and their communities.

There is a lot of work that goes into the development of these online communities, and many of the challenges faced today revolve around setting up the technical infrastructure and maintaining and continuously building value to encourage growth.

BitFans is proud to announce the Creator Launchpad, an exclusive, invite-only program where creators, influencers, businesses, and organizations will learn to mint their own branded Community Tokens, launch their NFT collections, and form their own online communities via a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure. Community is becoming the platform, and it all starts with a token that aligns their interests. Influencers, brands, and artists that are building community, and creating alignment through a shared token that provides the foundation to accomplish amazing things as they grow the DAO and achieve its mission statement.

Who can qualify for the program?

To ensure that an influencer or an organization is capable of delivering results for the BitFans launchpad, we generally take a look at their approach. Are they looking to expand their revenue horizons? Do they want to stay ahead of the curve before it gets too competitive? Are they genuinely enthusiastic about the benefits of using crypto for their community, and ultimately, will they be the ones to drive its growth?

What does the BitFans Creator Launchpad entail?

Creators/influencers who qualify for the exclusive BitFans launchpad program will be able to mint their community tokens and offer their tokens for buying, holding and trading on the BitFans platform via a Community Token Offering (CTO). These tokens will come with a set of privileges decided initially by the creators, and later, modified and added to by the community itself through online voting via the tokens.

From the very beginning, BitFans will provide support to its participants by first educating them about the different types of approaches they could take depending on their overall branding and strategy. This includes things such as specific utilities for the token, promotion strategies, and the complete set up of the infrastructure.

The primary focus of the Creator Launchpad participants will be to round their followers together around a common mission for their DAO and incentivise them to participate in the growth. There are in fact many different considerations, one of which may be to launch NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Collections at various points in time in order to fund the DAO to support future initiatives . There would also be things such as designing exclusive perks and privileges such as virtual access to the creator and the DAO leadership, invitation to private functions, voting rights for various community-based decisions, or even giving members the ability to leverage the brand.

Along the way, BitFans also focuses on hosting advisory sessions honing in on the goals of the DAO, facilitating partnerships, promoting their DAO, and much more. This sets the stage for communities to build themselves into major communities to further expand their ecosystems and deliver unprecedented value to their members regardless of their geographical locations.

What are Community Tokens?

Ownership of Community Tokens effectively serves as a proof-of-loyalty or proof of membership within an online community via a DAO. They are designed to align creators with both their existing and new audiences. Community Tokens are able to be linked with customized rewards, unique content, and opportunities for fans to gain exclusive access to creators and their favorite communities.

What are DAOs and How Do They Differ from Regular Communities?

DAOs are an online community of token holders who are united by a common mission. DAOs are essentially owned and operated by the members of its community token. The decisions are made through community-based voting and proposals to make sure that there is fairness and equality among the owners. There is often a shared bank account (treasury) that the DAO uses to fund its future initiatives including which charitable organizations the community wishes to support.

Creating a DAO is one of the key components for a successful community token launch. Thanks to their unique co-op structure and flexibility, they serve not only as a form of governance for its members, but more importantly as a tool for a more community-based participation and interaction, thereby fostering a sense of inclusiveness and belonging.

In an environment where fans want to be as involved as ever, the current barrier misses out on one very important element — direct value creation . BitFans creates avenues for creators and leverages the use of DAO-based community tokens. As a result, fans have few alternatives for actively supporting the creator’s success. If creators could potentially align incentives with their communities, then there would effectively be motivation for these loyal fans to continue to help their ecosystem grow, which we believe is even more powerful than even the world’s biggest brands that are leveraging tokenization as we speak.



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