Trends In The Content Creation Landscape

The content creation landscape is a segment made up of nearly 50 million content creators and communities, such as gamers, bloggers, video creators, influencers, and more. Coupled with this are various tools used for to aid them in their work. Since content creation relies heavily on efficiency and quality, technological advances have had a profound effect on how goods are made and distributed.

When compared to the high-end cameras and expensive softwares used for content creation of old, modern day iterations have significantly reduced manufacturers’ production and distribution costs. Everyday phones can now be used to build high-quality content, covering areas from photography and movies to editing and uploading.

The following are the top three trends in the creator economy:

  • Companies have developed products intended to streamline content creation and publishing processes using productivity tools and suites.
  • Creators are moving their most enthusiastic followers away from social media and toward their own websites, apps, and monetization tools.
  • Creators have become entrepreneurs with their own teams, and have developed internal tools that have helped them run full-blown businesses.
  • As audiences prefer to interact with relatable people rather than impersonal publishers, creators are gaining huge influence in the media industry, putting the spotlight back on the individuals rather than large organizations.

One of the most popular methods for monetization today is utilizing platforms like YouTube for advertising revenue. Another way is to collaborate with brand sponsors on Instagram and Snapchat to provide more exposure to e-commerce based products. The biggest trend we see here is that over time, creators are increasingly diverse in their revenue streams and are directly supported by their fans rather than indirectly through third party monetization models.

Essentially, creators are increasingly finding themselves having to balance distribution of their content on certain platforms and the risk of becoming reliant on them to house their communities. They are leaning more towards monetizing by either earning income from ad revenue using mainstream content for a large audience or earning a bigger percentage from forging deeper connections with a smaller set of fans through specialized/niche content.

After developing loyal audiences across multiple socials, creators may also opt to scale up and become full-fledged businesses with numerous revenue streams beyond just advertisements. Companies have sprung up to assist creators in monetizing their work by enabling gated content, goods, books/ebooks, newsletters, or services such as fan interaction, coaching, consultancy, speaking engagements, and so on. This allows creators to focus on pleasing their most ardent followers and creating more focused niche content, rather than frantically pursuing the largest possible audience and producing generic clickbait.

Content Creation

Some platforms have their own embedded content creation tools but there are many companies that provide independent solutions for making enhanced content. Historically, content creation tools with social network integrations have proven to be the most viable.

Today, it’s typical for content creators to juggle numerous tools for editing, publishing and monetising their work. The process for an Instagram filmmaker may look like this:

1. Fund a shoot using Karat, record with Snapchat, and edit with inVideo or Pixlr.
2. Upload to Instagram, where they can monetise on-platform with Grin or Captiv8.
3. Make money off-platform with Teespring and Cameo
4. Analyse their analytics with Delmondo to optimise the process for the next shoot.

Several businesses believe in designing engagement experiences for fans before targeting them for monetization as it is essential for improving conversion rates. Cultivating a community allows creators to gain deeper insights into their audience’s needs. Tools like allow for automated and scheduled messages on Twitter to help build out relationships, while platforms like allow creators to create a dedicated public space for their fans.

is a platform that empowers creators to create common “challenges” for their fans, thus enhancing social engagement. , on the other hand, offers a special Shopify-like ecommerce page for manufacturers and allows them to deliver personalized video announcements to fans who purchase their work. While all of these technologies have received a lot of attention from creators so far, the way they fundamentally help creators is by generating revenue through an active community receptive to engaging with product marketing.

Creators also need tools that help them manage their income as they begin transitioning into becoming a brand with various business aspects tied to their work. , a financial system built for creators specifically, was recently acquired by SignalFire. Karat allows artists to combine all sources of revenue on a single platform, provide creators with weekly income, and provide instant loans based on future prospects.

Community Engagement

is a digital platform for influencers, celebrities, businesses, and organizations. It allows them to create their very own community token tied to their brand, reputation, and potential for growth. This can be used to give people access to exclusive content, private channels, customized services, and more.

At the heart of every successful initiative is a strong foundation with shared values. BitFans believes that its strength lies in the fact that community comes first, and this is done by giving as much freedom to its users to interact with each other while acting as a great value-add for engagements. The entire ecosystem then benefits from the overall growth of the creators on the platform.

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